terms of use

1. freedom of expression

1.1 Freedom of expression

There is always freedom of expression in the forum.

However, the board operator reserves the right to delete contributions without giving reasons.

1.2 Contents

Contributions with pornographic, violent, offensive or other content that violates the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany or general ethics will be deleted and/or edited without warning from the author.

In such a case, the board team reserves the right to exclude the author from the forum.

1.3 Moderation

In any case, the team of the board has the right to edit or even delete a post of another user, if it considers this to be appropriate due to the content and / or form.

What is appropriate or not is a matter of discretion of the administrator or moderator concerned. There is no legal claim to leave a contribution in the board.

1.4 no copies

Copied texts (other sources) must be noted with the best possible indication of the source.

2. behavior in the board

2.1 please be quite friendly

Each member of the forum commits himself/herself with his/her registration to treat the other users of the forum appropriately and friendly. This includes compliance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the usual etiquette regarding the avoidance of swearing, insults and slander.

Failure to observe these basic rules may result in immediate exclusion from the board.

2.2 no insults

Slanders, insults etc. of any kind against other users will not be tolerated in the board, even if a provocation took place in advance.

In the event of an offence, any user can alert an administrator or moderator to the circumstances via a message in the form of an e-mail, a PN or the board's reporting function and request a remedy.

2.3 To settle disputes privately, not in public

Conflicts between users of the forum (apart from the usual forum discussions) must be resolved outside the public domain (e. g. by e-mail or PN). In case of doubt, it is at the discretion of the moderator team to decide whether it is a normal discussion or a "dispute".

2.4 no repetitions

If possible, avoid repeating topics. Before creating a new theme, you should use the Board Search feature to make sure that the theme has not already been posted on the board.

2.5 Report misconduct

A user's misconduct should be reported in private messages to the administrators or moderators of this Internet forum.

2.6 Prohibited contents

2.6.1 user enhancements

Questions about the user extensions are not allowed due to the legal responsibility of the forum operator. All questions concerning the user extensions are therefore prohibited and will be deleted without request.

2.6.2 Softcams, Cardsharing, CI-Modules

The topics "Softcams (Emulators) as well as "Cardsharing" and CI modules without corresponding licenses for the offered encryption systems, as well as methods to circumvent the restrictions of the CI+ standard are taboo in the Dreamboard and are not discussed. It is not permitted to name or link software or CI modules with illegal content and/or purpose. Contributions containing such content will be edited by the board team and deleted after a reasonable period of time. Bypassing the "board censorship" may result in immediate expulsion of the member - even without warning.

2.6.3 Advertising

Advertising of any kind whatsoever (e. g. in posts, signatures, nicknames, avatars, PNs, emails, profiles) is explicitly not tolerated in the board and will be removed by the board team in case of violations.

Excluded from this are the board operators.

2.6.4 Clone

Questions to so-called clone boxes are not tolerated in the forum and lead to immediate exclusion from the community.

3. user profile

3.1 Profile

Each user has the right to provide personal information according to the predefined option fields in the user profile. Here too, the board's rules and regulations must be observed.

3.2 Avatar

Each user is allowed to select an avatar. The use of an individual user picture is permitted; however, it must comply with the rules.

4. Signatures

4.1 Signatures

Signatures in the user's profile are generally permitted.

4.2 Contents

We reserve the right to change or delete profiles, entries, signatures, etc. of users if they violate the rules (especially advertising, unauthorized links, etc.). The user will be notified in this case.

5. left

Anyone posting links (references to other websites) MUST ensure that this link is correct and does not violate the rules mentioned here.

If this is the case, we reserve the right to remove or edit the posted link (s).

Furthermore, we also reserve the right to warn or block or delete the user in question.

Every user of this Internet forum is solely responsible for all contributions, their content and any related violations of the law. This also applies in particular to the violation of copyrights by contributions and/or publications in this forum.

6. offences & penalties

We reserve the right to take the following steps against the regulations of this board:

Edit, move or delete individual posts, threads or entire content.

Send a private notice to the user concerned with the request for correction or omission, if necessary.

Modify avatar and / or user title of the respective member.

Restriction of access.

Exclusion from the board.

All measures should normally be justified. If the majority of the team agrees, a justification can be waived.

7. other rules and regulations

7.1 Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By entering this forum, every user of this forum unrestrictedly accepts all the regulations mentioned here.

7.2 voluntary offer

This Internet offer (forum) is voluntary and there is no legal claim to maintenance and / or continuation, regardless of the legal basis.

In this respect, the operator of this Internet forum has the right to change this forum and/or its rules at any time, to discontinue the offer and / or to restrict it in any other way.

7.3 Legal claim

As a matter of principle, there is no legal entitlement to access and / or to remain in this website.

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