Liveleak and youtube errors

  • Hi,

    last update liveleak no more working ?

    09:52:16.0496765 H Starting MediaPortal 2020052001

    09:52:18.0140148 E CoverHelper::showCoverFile bad transparency mask

    09:54:35.0376939 E LiveLeakClips::dataError [Failure instance: Traceback: <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'strip'





    --- <exception caught here> ---








    now spinner in loop, need to reboot box (vuduo2)


  • Google translate :)


    Ich habe das neue Update installiert und liveleaks läuft wieder, kann aber keine Videos abspielen. Es heißt "youtube-dl" nicht gefunden. Wo kann ich python-youtube-dl ipk für vuduo2 Version 2020 05 herunterladen? 28. Vielen Dank für das Update bereits


    python-youtube-dl >= 2020.05.08

  • opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal_all.ipk

    Collected errors:

    * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):

    * Problem 1/1:

    * - nothing provides python-youtube-dl >= 2020.05.08 needed by enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal-2020053102.all


    * Solution 1:

    * - do not ask to install enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal-2020053102.all

    So I use :

    opkg install --force-depends --force-overwrite --force-maintainer enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal_all.ipk

    Still no liveleak or youtube working. Also looks like liveleak not updating posts. they are all from 10 hours ago.

    Openpli 7.2 youtube extension working fine btw.

  • Liveleak website is currently not really working, that's not an issue of the MP plugin.

    And sorry for youtube-dl your box is not supported, please try to get proper file in OpenPLi board.

    Ignoring depends will not fix the problem and will not make YouTube work again.

  • Well actually I got it all working again with the latest youtube-dl . Altough on a clean openpli install with openpli youtube, mediaportal works fine. For some reason on some VU+ boxes you need the youtube-dl. But it is fairly easy to install. Just download youtbe-dl and copy the bin file to /usr/bin (chmod 755) and the youtube_dl folder to /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

    All done, restart box and working mediaportal again.